Budget Friendly Top 3 Smart Watch

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Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to a new post of TrickNew. I’m Swapon with you, hope everyone is very good. Friends, we all want to bring ourselves to be very beautiful in front of others. How much do we do to enhance our beauty. How much we do to make ourselves different in front of others, especially in front of our loved ones. Very shot, expensive glasses, expensive handwits, expensive pants, expensive mobile phones to more. One of the special things to make you beautiful is a watch or a smart watch. If there is no hand clock or smart watch in the hand, then why it seens that the hand does not obey. Today i will discuss Top 3 Smart Watch.

We read the clock in our hands to sign the hands beautifully.However, after a few days, the hand does not look good or the smart watch style or looking is not good. As a result, I want to buy a new hand clock or smart watch again. Which is called Money West. 

However, if you read today’s post carefully, you will get rid of this problem. With the best feature, you will find the hand watch in the today’s post. Yes friends today I will discuss the clock. Today we will learn about some of the top 3 smart watch features, prices, etc. And today’s post will pick you up the best smart watch for you. Yes friends today I will discuss with you the top 3 smart watch and their best features. So friends let’s get started our today post Top 3 Smart Watch.

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1. Xiaomi KW66 Smart Watch

Top 3 Smart WatchThe Xiaomi KW66 brand Smart Watch is made with some of the best features. If you are a Smart Watch lover then you can use this small Smart Watch from Xiaomi. For those who don’t like wearing too big watches, this small Smart Watch Xaiomi KW66 can be the best choice. In fact, its performance is much bigger than it looks small. Although the Xaiomi KW66 Smart Watch looks small, you can fully control your smartphone with this Smartwatch. It also has 3D HD Curve skin which will make your Smart Watch look great. You will also get a total of 10 tools to track fitness just like any other Smart Watch. These wonderful tools-

  • Cycle Mood
  • Running Mood
  • S Keeping Mood
  • Sports Data Share
  • Call Reminder and more wonderful tools you can see Smart Watch.

Also, if you buy the Xaiomi KW66 Smart Watch, you will get a charger, battery, and a glass protection that will keep your Smart Watch protected. And if you want, you can read this Smart Watch and take a bath. Because Xaiomi KW66 Smart Watch has IP68 water resistant. Due to which water will never enter your Smart Watch. One of the best features of Xaiomi KW66 Smart Watch is that you will get continuous battery backup of up to 30 days once this Smart Watch is fully charged. Which is really surprising. Xaiomi KW66 Smart Watch is priced at BDT 2899 TK. If you are a Smart Watch lover then Xaiomi KW66 Smart Watch can be a best choice for you.

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2. XIinji Cobee C1 Smart Watch

Top 3 Smart WatchThe XIinji Cobee C1 Smart Watch is number two on our list of best Smart Watch. It is actually a sports smart watch. It is actually designed with sports in mind. In this XIinji Cobee C1 Smart Watch you will get more sports features than any other features. Using this Smart Watch you can monitor or analyze all kinds of sports tools. It also includes-

  • 24-hour health monitoring
  • Fitness tracking
  • Blood pressure checking tools and various other amazing sports tools.

The reason why this watch is amazing is because of some of the best features it has. This XIinji Cobee C1 Smartwatch is designed as a water resistant Smart Watch. After this you can swim in the swimming pool. There will be no problem with your Smart Watch. Also its build in quality is very good. It uses built in-

  • 1.69″ big size screen.
  • Powerful big battery of 250 MH.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

You will get battery backup of up to 7 days once fully charged in the watch. Which is really a great advantage. XIinji Cobee C1 in online, offline market The Smart Watch is priced at BDT 2500 TK. If you are looking for a budget friendly smart watch then XIinji Cobee C1 Smart Watch can be one of the best for you.

3. Tws Or T55 Smart Watch

Top 3 Smart WatchOur latest best Smart Watch among the list of best Smart Watch is this Tws Or T55 Smart Watch. There are amazing reasons behind it being the best. It has some of the best amazing features. Using which you can do almost all daily tasks. Some of the best features of the watch are –

  • Receiving phone calls
  • Heartbeat monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Calories, bran, sugar and more beautiful tools for monitoring.
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Guys, what if you’ve come this far to read our Best Smart Watches post and not leave with some gifts? Yes friends will get gift. If you buy this Tws Or T55 Smart Watch, you will get PR04 Earphone JL Chip absolutely free. Which looks very nice and well designed AirPots which will be given to you absolutely free. Also used in this Smart Watch-

  • 1.54 Inch Display.
  • 180 MH Big Battery.
  • Music Control.
  • Social Media Control Features.

Tws Or T55 Smart Watch uses a 180 MH battery that can easily get three days backups once fully charged. Which I think is good in mid budget. This Tws Or T55 Smart Watch is priced at BDT 1500 TK only in all stores including online and offline. If you want to buy the best Smart Watch in a small budget then Tws Or T55 Smart Watch can be a best choice for you.

So guys this was our today post on top 3 budget friendly smart watches. Hope the post will be helpful for you. I’m leaving here for today, see you in the next post with something new. Until then everyone stay well stay healthy and stay with TrickNew.

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