How To Stop Your Data Tracking On FaceBook

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Assalamu alaikum. Welcome to another new post on TrickNew. I’m swapon with you, i hope you’re all well. Friends, facebook is the most popular social media platform. If you want, you can communicate with people from one of the country to the other country in an instant. Also, if you want, you can easily get news from facebook very easyly. Do you know that this popular social media Facebook monitors or tracks you all the time or 24 hours a day? Maybe you don’t know! So let’s go into a little more detail about this topic. And we will also see at the end of the post how to stop this trucking or surveillance of Facebook. How To Stop Your Data Tracking On FaceBook.

Facebook is a social media and secondary network site that connects users as an easy medium to communicate with each other. The Facebook can monitor its regular or irregular users, and they can do this surveillance for a variety of purposes, such as displaying ads, favorites, and current-time essential ads, Facebook can monitor their users round-the-clock to manage restrictions with users.

Facebook uses an advanced technology to track their users, which is managed through Facebook own platform. With this technology, Facebook regularly collects information from their users, which Facebook uses to collect information on their users’ preferences, regional information, common usage, patterns, addictions, etc. Then Facebook uses this user information to promote ads and put ads about users’ preferences on their front page. In addition, Facebook can use this user information to promote job news, relationships with users, favorite songs, photos, videos, and other ads.

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However, the user may have some trouble in collecting this information of Facebook. So let’s know how trouble can happen. Facebook can store this user information and share it with their authorized ads partners so that they can display ads to you much better. In this case, some user data is published such as the user’s IP address, browser information, device information, etc.

However, Facebook maintains a security policy to monitor Facebook 24 hours a day or collect user data. So that users’ information is protected from them. Although Facebook can monitor all users, Facebook tries to comply with its own policies regarding the privacy each of them.

However, users can stop facebook’s 24-hour tracking by changing the settings. So that users have control over their data, data and privacy. So let’s see how you can stop monitoring and tracking Facebook by changing the privacy setting.

To do this work, you will log in to your Facebook account in the official Facebook App. Then you click on the three-dot menubar at the top of the right.

Now you can click on the Setting option.
Stop Your Data Tracking On FaceBook
Then scroll down. After coming down, click on the Off-FaceBook Activity option.

Now you will click on the Continue option.
Stop Your Data Tracking On FaceBook
Then you can see your latest activity. Today, throughout the day, you will be able to see a complete history of what you have done online.

Now you will delete your current activities by clicking on the Clear Recent Activity option. Click on the Clear Previous Activity option.
Stop Your Data Tracking On FaceBook tricknew.comThen Click on the Clear Option.Stop Your Data Tracking On FaceBook tricknew.comNow you will click on the Clear Previous Activity option.Then you click on the Manage Future Activity option.Stop Your Data Tracking On FaceBook tricknew.comNow you click on the Disconnect Future Activity option and click on the Continue option.

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In this way, you can easily Stop Your 24 Hour Data Tracking On FaceBook. So friends, this was our today post, How To Stop Your 24 Hour Data Tracking On FaceBook? I hope this post is helpful to you. As of today, I’m leaving here, we’ll see if there’s a new topic in the next post. Until then, everyone will be fine and stay with TrickNew.

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