Upcoming Best New Action Games

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Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to a another new post of Tricknew. I’m swapon stay with you, hope everyone is very good. So friends today we will discuss in detail about the top 5 games that have been newly published this year. I will discuss the features of the games, what graphics, and so on. Friends are not online or not to play game offline. Starting from computer user to smartphone user, even button phone user plays mobile games or PC games. One of the best ways to spend time in leisure is to pass the time playing games.

When you sit down, you will feel like time is not going. But when I play games on your device, you will not be able to understand how the fast time goes away. So one of the best ways to spend time is to play games. It must not be a addictive game. You can do something that will not cause addiction to you or addiction to you. So friends have said many words. For the time we sit at our leisure boring, these 5 games shown today may be the best one for you. You can choose the best one today if you want. Or you can play them all on your device. So friends, let’s talk no more, let’s start our today topic – Top 5 Best Action Games.

1. Minecraft Legends Game


After completing Minecraft Dungeons in 2020, Microsoft and Mojang have decided to release their new action games Minecraft Legends Game in 2023. Minecraft Legends will primarily be an action games. In which all the conflict graphics starting from buying Gun and choosing Gun, each gun will have a different sound. The CEO of the company commented that this Minecraft Legends games will be loved by everyone from young to old. Hope they will add more new features to improve their user experience in the games. The games is expected to be available around August 2023.

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2. Alan wake 2 Game


Alan Wake 2 was a popular games in our store before the scene of Alan Wake Games. It was a popular game in terms of user. However, the company had to look at a lot of changes to change with technology. In the same series, Alan Wake 2 will bring 223 in 2023. We are all hopeful that this Alan Wake 2 game will be released this year. This Alan Wake 2 game company will appear to us with all the gaming controls of Max Pain and Best. Because Alan Wake was a popular action games. In the meantime, Alan Wake 2 is coming to Alan Wake, which is expected to be much more popular and more popular than it.
The update of this game is known as a feature of the horror that has some horror features that make you very hard to live in the games. There will also be some twist and horror scenes at each level that will make the graphics of the games more beautiful. Horror Scene will be a horrible horror surprise in the games until the games, said the games company.

3. Final Fantasy XVI Game


This Final Fantasy XVI Game did not come even though it was expected to come. But finally our wait is over. Finally, our favorite Final Fantasy XVI game is going to get a place in the Google store. The games is inspired by medieval Europe which will diversify the universe. This game has amazing twest and graphics. This games will contain various games known as Mother Crystals and expensive games like Diamonds, Jewels, Gems, Pearls. which we must protect.
Alti-protagonist in the game who is under God. This anti-protagonist Ifrit will bring turmoil to the land. You, as a faithful servant of Allah, must fight against this anti-protagonist and restore peace to the land of Ifrit. These levels of the game must be in places like floods, droughts etc. which you have to complete as a challenge. There will be various giant monsters to stop you in the game. Which you have to accept as a challenge. The game is scheduled for release on 2 June 2023.

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4. Resident Evil 4 game


This Resident Evil 4 games made by Capcom Organization. The games already in this version of this organization are – Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, recently, Capcom company has appeared with one of their best season. Whose name is Resident Evil 4. In this fourth season, the founder of Resident Evil 4 has appeared with all the great graphics and all the wonderful twists in their games. This games is basically one of the best seasons built on the basis of the time. It has come up with the resident Evil’s total of 17 years of resident Evil’s total of 17 years of resident Evil. Resident Evil 4 Games are our greatest horror survival games. We are all hopeful that the Capcom company will release this resident evil 4 games on 24 june 2023.

5. RedFall Game 2023

Open World Studio and Arakan’s Co Op Fast Person Shooter Game is this Redfall GamesĀ 2023. The game was supposed to be released in 2022. But because of a problem, it was no longer possible. Later in 2023 the game is reported to be released. This game made with a lot of bad coughs and words. Almost all users like this game’s graphics and their techniques. So it seems to be good than the scene.
This game is basically a team of 4 people to play. However, you will also play the role of a hero in these 4 people. This redfall game is filled with all the magical weapons and strategies to fight the magical magical Vampire. Dracula is also seen in the game, but it is not too short. This Redfall game can be the best game for those who like a lot more horror games. It is believed that the Redfall Game will be released in one month of 2023.

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So guys this was some of our Upcoming top 5 action games detail. Hopefully the post will be a little bit of you. I am leaving here like today, see you In the next post about something new. So far everyone will be well healthy and stay with Tricknew.

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