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Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to another new post of TrickNew. I am swapon with you, hope everyone is doing well. So friends, today we will discuss a different topic with you. Today the main topic of our discussion is OpenAI  Chat GPT 4. Almost everyone was surprised by the performance of Chat GTP 4, which was released as an updated version of OpenAI. Because OpenAI  Chat GPT 4 is better than OpenAI general GTP. After seeing its performance, not only believe the builders but most of the people see it as the best means of revolutionary change. Which will change our internet usage.

Chat GTP 4 Starting from writing cases, learning, video ideas, online information, offline information, sketch drawing and what not to do this OpenAI Chat GTP 4.However, it is believed that various professions will also fall under threat. Even the updated version of OpenAI Chat GTP 4 will make it easier for students to cheat in exams. Which will make the future much worse because of this OpenAI Chat GTP 4 open source.

This Chat GTP 4 is built on a huge language of OpenAI. Who is not easy to lose or fool. However, this OpenAI Chat GTP 4 bot has not yet been published for the general public. However, some samples of its work can be found in Microsoft’s Bing Ai-powered search engine. Experimental Real Experience After Creating This Chat GTP 4 Several people have shared their real experience of using Chat GTP 4 on Bing Ai Search Engel. So let’s find out what are the revolutionary changes of Chat GTP 4?

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1. Chat GTP 4 Text Analysis Capability

Chat Gpt 4The first Chat GTP developed by OpenAI could only analyze text. However, the tax analysis would not have been much better. But the current OpenAI  Chat GTP 4 ability to analyze text is very poor. OpenAI Chat GTP 4 is not limited to text analysis capabilities, it can now analyze images as well. OpenAI  Chat GTP 4 was also asked a humorous question about faulty smartphone chargers. But while it’s easy for humans to understand that it’s funny, it’s quite difficult for a robot to understand.

In another test, the New York Times showed a picture of the inside of a refrigerator and asked how the food inside could be prepared. However, OpenAI has not yet opened the image for this question. OpenAI is expected to open the image within the next few weeks.

2. Coding Is Better Chat GTP 4

Chat Gpt 4coding is now easier. With OpenAI Chat GTP 4, even those with little or no coding knowledge can create large games in just a few hours. Many people who have knowledge in coding can work with little idea, they have been able to make huge computer games like Pong. OpenAI  Chat GTP 4 allows coding on any topic in any language. But with the coding capabilities of OpenAI  Chat GTP 4, it is said that OpenAI  Chat GTP 4 can be the best teacher for those who are absolute beginners or those who can write complete coding with a little idea.

3. Exam Passed Chat GTP 4

A study revealed that OpenAI Chat GTP 4 is an online robot with slightly less knowledge than humans. One of these OpenAI  Chat GTP 4 performed almost identically in a test competition with humans. OpenAI  Chat GTP 4 was also in the top 10% performance list. However, in this case, the performance of OpenAI Chat GTP 4 was slightly lower.

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4. Accurate Answering

OpenAI  Chat GTP ability to answer and analyze those answers is Chat GTP 4, the newest version of OpenAI. OpenAI Chat GTP 4 response rendering and response analysis capabilities are far superior to standard Chat GTP. Earlier OpenAI  Chat GTP can only answer 4 thousand words at a time but OpenAI Chat GTP 4 is able to answer about 25 thousand words at a time. Moreover, OpenAI Chat GTP 4 is also capable of analyzing the exact details of people.

5. Providing New Connections In The Business Sector

Chat Gpt 4

Providing assistance in solving various legal problems Chatbots do not pay services CO Joshua Broder said his company has now launched a one-click-low-suite facility using OpenAI Chat GTP 4. Although OpenAI Chat GTP could not launch this system, OpenAI  Chat GTP 4 was able to launch this system beautifully.
The company also thinks that very soon there may be some new and better features for their company which may not be able to do OpenAI  Chat GTP but OpenAI  Chat GTP 4 is able to do that.

OpenAi Chat GTP 4 Is Still In The Works?

OpenAI  Chat GTP 4 This model is not so perfect that they cannot make mistakes. They too can make mistakes from time to time. OpenAI says they need to be very careful when using Chat GTP 4. Because its biggest improvement is its ability to analyze images. So it may underperform in other respects. The demo that OpenAI showed them was Scotch built with OpenAI Chat Gpt 4. Which was very much handmade. A clever coding writer got the complete coding of OpenAI  Chat GTP 4 by making his own hand-made Chat GTP image sketch.

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So friend’s, I hope the post will be an educational post for you. As of today, I am leaving here, see you in the next post with some new topics. Until then everyone stay well stay healthy and stay with TrickNew.

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