What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

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Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to another new post of TrickNew Website. I’m swapon with you, hope everyone is very much better. Welcome to everyone What Is an IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use. Nowadays almost every person uses cameras for different tasks. The camera is commonly used to take pictures, make videos, security, traffic control, record preservation, testimony and movement control. It is very important to set up CCTV cameras at present in terms of increasingly criminal activities and crime around the world. If you want to secure and observe your home, office, property, etc. You must install the CCTV (IP camera) camera.

Most businesses and companies are already using the CCTV camera system to monitor their work and employees’ activity. Currently, traffic police are also using CCTV cameras to jumping red lamps and detecting car at extra speed. However, there are many types of cameras like smartphone cameras, DSLR cameras, digital cameras, CCTV cameras. But when we talk about the CCTV camera, the analog and IP camera comes out. In today’s article we will discuss with you, what the IP camera is, how it works and its advantages and disadvantages.

The IP camera is full of internet protocol camera or internet protocol camera. This type of camera is also called Internet camera or network camera. Just as technology is developing in each case, the camera with modern technology and various features is coming to market. In the same series, IP cameras are currently created from the previous analog CCTV camera and new verses of IP cameras are being created on a regular basis. Currently this IP camera is being used for many jobs. What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

What Is IP Camera?

Ip camera; What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

The Internet Protocol Camera is a type of digital video camera. Which sends and receives data through an IP network or the Internet. An IP camera, converts the video signal into a digital signal and sends video data to network video recorder (NVR) via network buyer. You can use the IP camera in addition to the network video recorder. What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

  1. IP cameras can be attached directly to the network switch or router.
  2. With NVR you can easily record the footage of the camera. IP cameras can be used in both ways with NVR and NVR.
  3. IP cameras are connected to the Internet. You can see the footage of this camera with a computer, smartphone or tab sitting on any part of the world.

IP Camera History

Ip camera history; What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

The first centralized IP camera was published by Axis Communications in 1. It was called Axis Neteye 200. It has used a custom web server in the camera internal. By the end of the 5th, the company started using Embeded Linux to operate their camera. Axis also publishes documentation for his low-level API called “Vapix”, which is based on the open standard of HTTP and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). The software was intended to encourage development. What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

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The first decentralized IP camera was published by Mobotics in the 1999th. The camera’s linux system has video, alarm and recording management functions, thus not requiring licensed video management software to handle recording events or videos on the camera system. The first IP camera with Onboard Video Content Analytics (VCA) was published by Intellio. This camera was able to identify different events, such as any specific object. Later, the IP camera has slowly reached the current state of update.

Uses Of IP Camera

Ip camera setup on shop; What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

IP cameras are mainly used for surveillance. If you own a shop.  Then you can install the IP camera in your store. Then you can see the footage of your shop directly using any device you have at any time. By doing this you can track the staff of your shop and your customers. In addition to watching live footage, allows you to record all the footage of this camera, which you can see in any need later.

The advantage of the recording is that if an unexpected event happens in your shop today (eg, theft, robbery), you will see the footage of the camera to know what happened and who did it. You can use this type of camera anywhere like hospital, at home, hotel, office, school and college, etc. At present, this type of camera is extremely needed and accurate. To keep your home, shop or institution safe, IP camera must be used.

IP Camera Installation

IP camera servise; What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

So far we have learned many new things about IP camera history, usage rules etc. Well now if you are very interested to buy IP camera after seeing my post then you need to know about IP camera installation process at the beginning. It would be somewhat wrong to say process In this episode we will learn about all the things that are mostly required to install the IP camera. Following are the things required to install the IP camera.

  1. IP camera
  2. Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  3. Cat-6 network cable
  4. Storage device (hard-disk)
  5. Network switch
  6. Display or monitoring device (LED TV or monitor)
  7. RJ-45 Connector

First set the CAT-6 network cable on the wall with a buy clip. Then pores the IP camera on the wall or ceiling, wherever you need the drill machine. Then you set the IP camera on the wall with a screw driver. Now apply the RJ45 connector with the creaming tool on one end of the CAT-6 network cable. Similarly, apply RJ 45 connector on the other end of the network cable.

Then the RJ 45 connector should be plugged on the IP camera network port and attach the RJ 45 connector to the other end, the POE switch or router. Then you can connect the POE switch to the network video recorder using a network patch. You can connect NBR to the monitor with HDMI cable to watch live CCTV footage with LED TV or Monitor. Then your IP camera setup will be completed.

An IP camera gives you the advantage of watching live video footage from anywhere in your local computer and without NVR (Network Video Recorder). These cameras are quite easy to install. In addition, you can be installed anywhere. It is possible to take action in a quick time of any problem by looking at the footage. What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

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What Are The Benefits Of Using An IP Camera?

Advantage of IP camera; What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

Accessibility If the IP camera user is connected to the Internet, the user will always be able to access the IP camera from everywhere. IP cameras can watch live videos from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. In addition to watching live footage from any device, IP camera users can send the video anywhere in the world. What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

  1. Good Video Quality – IP camera supports video up to 4K resolution. Because of this, the video quality of these cameras is very good. You will also find the IP camera of different resolutions, like other cameras. The better the resolution camera you take, the better the quality of your video quality. To be good on the video quality, you can easily identify everything.
  2. Storage: IP camera has no own disk or tape. All footage of this camera can be stored in both analogs and digital ways. You can save video footage between your hard drive if you wish. Again you can save footage of the cloud. Video saving feature in the cloud has made the IP camera much more popular. This is a very important feature at the current time.
  3. Flexibility: Each analog camera should be connected directly to the DVR. But IP cameras (which in the same common area) can be attached to the same switch that is connected to a cable with NVR (Network Video Recorder). You can also connect the switch from the switch to increase the volume and monitoring area of ​​your camera. It reduces the amount of cable when setting up the system and allows more to connect the camera seamlessly.

Some Of The Difficulty For IP Camera

Disadvantage of IP Camera; What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

There is also a difficult situation in every convenient thing on earth. Ezo can say a coin epit and Opit. Well then we knew the benefits of IP camera very well a little earlier. Then of course we need to know the disadvantages of IP camera in this episode. Because if we know the disadvantages of those things when using something, then that thing is much more secure for us. So let’s not know the disadvantages of IP camera.

  • IP cameras, analog cameras are more expensive than the camera.

IP cameras are many high resolution cameras. This is why the video quality of the IP camera is very good. Due to advanced quality video quality, the size of these videos is much larger. This is why IP cameras need a lot of storage space to store footage of the camera. These footage has to spend a lot to save. What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

  • IP cameras are somewhat complicated because they are relatively difficult to use. The installation process of some IP cameras is also quite complicated.

If you have general knowledge about the computer, it will not be a problem to use them. IP cameras can’t manage everyone. Efficiency is required for the management of the camera. IP is not available in skilled people to manage the camera. This is also a big problem with IP camera.

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Best Ways To IP Camera Protect From Hacking

Protect ip camera from hacking; What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

Since the IP camera is connected to the Internet, it is more likely to be hacked. IP cameras can be hacked in various ways such as physical tampering, phishing or scaming, malware, password cracking etc. So we must be aware of the IP camera hacking. Otherwise we can easily delete many of our necessary data, or videos. So the IP camera must be protected from hacking Some ways can be resorted to prevent IP cameras from hacking. This will further enhance the security of your IP camera.

  1. Password Protection
  2. Use Dynamic IP address
  3. Keep up the update of everything
  4. Wiring directly to each IP camera
  5. Never download Unvated software
  6. Limit access to the IP camera system
  7. Establishment

Difference Camera IP Camera VS Hd Camera

IP camera VS Digital Camera which One is best; What Is IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use!

HD camera digital camera is an advanced version of analog camera. Which supports full HD video from 720 pixels to 1920 pixels. The digital camera is installed in the DVR, the digital video recorder. This type of camera cannot be accessed from any place remote. Instead of accessing the entire digital video recorder. Digital cameras are available from 2 megapixels to 8 megapixels in the market. How advanced the camera or camera of the camera, the ability to record the video depends on the price of the camera. However, digital cameras are used for almost all activities, from making videos to photographs at the present time.

IP camera network video recorder (NVR) is connected to the IP camera. An IP camera, works based on the Internet protocol. IP addresses can be accessed online on IP cameras from any part of the world. All IP cameras have different IP addresses. HD video can be recorded with IP camera. You can zoom the video several times on the IP camera, but it doesn’t happen on a digital camera. IP cameras are a bit higher than digital cameras. IP cameras are available from 2 megapixels to 12 megapixels in the market. The performance of the IP camera video recording colorful or Sadakalo photographs all depends almost on its price.

Last Talk

From today’s discussion you must have realized how important IP cameras are at present. So you have your home, institution, shop or a place where you always want to monitor and keep the place safe. Then of course you install the IP camera at the place you need. Then you can easily monitor that place for 24 hours in 5 days. IP camera is ready to ensure the maximum protection of you. At present, IP cameras have nothing to do for security.

It is also often seen that a person will come to steal your clock and leave the IP camera at that place and leave. Because he knows that if stealing here, his name will be printed with big letters in the newspaper tomorrow morning. Also, due to IP cameras, many complex police cases are also finding solutions. Because of this IP camera, all the activities of the human crime are recorded in the video form of the criminal. Which plays a much more effective role in suppressing crime. Friends, in this article today we have tried to give you various information about IP camera.

So guys, this was our today’s post, What Is an IP Camera? Details About IP Camera For Proper Use! Hope the post will be a little helpful to you. Like today, I am leaving here, you will see something new in the next post. Until then everyone will be well healthy and stay with TrickNew.

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