WiFi Hack Possible Or Not || Details Wifi Strong Algorithm

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Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to a new post on TrickNew Website. I’m swapon with you, hope everyone is very much better. Welcome to the WiFi Hack Possible Or Not || Details Wifi Strong Algorithm another new post. Friends, we do not know what is WiFi? How to work Wifi? At present, almost everyone who is proficient on the smart device knows very well about Wifi. I hope you don’t know much about Wifi, but at least you know what is done with Wifi. So in today’s post, I will  say more details about what Wifi. The imagination of wifi is not the end of imagination. Many are looking for an unknown mystery about Wifi.

That’s why you started searching for this post today. There are many people who do not have their own Wifi. They often want to steal the other wifi. Then when they can’t, they want to use wifi by hacking. Even then, when they do not succeed in hacking Wifi, they think. Wifi is doing so? Why can’t Wifi be used to steal? Why we can’t Wifi hack? Besides, many people are thinking again is Wifi to be hacked? Why is it not possible to hack Wifi? You will find the answers to all your questions in this post today. Because today I will discuss with you the detailed algorithm of Wifi, which is absolutely impossible to break. WiFi Hack Possible Or Not?

Wifi is a data or MB Provider Center. Which provides raw materials for us to use the Internet. In exchange we pay them. The poison was a little complicated, didn’t it? Let’s try to give a little more clear ideas. When you go to see the movie when you are in the movie, you have to cut the ticket to see the movie. So think, if a movie called ‘Machineman’ has been published. The ticket is priced at Tk 20 for viewing that movie. Now you will get a certain time, specific price, specific ticket to view that movie. Using the ticket, you can only see the specified movie at a certain time, and you will not be able to use that ticket later or see another movie.

WiFi algorithm works just like this. The Internet is stored as a lot of data like the movie. And WiFi MB system works like a ticket. You will give you some money by giving them some MB to their institution director. Which can be used to see or find the data at the next time. In each country, the WiFi system is renewed a month. You will need to renew it again after the expiry of your specified period. If you do not pay or renew your Internet service, you will no longer be provided with the Internet service. So let’s know how Wifi works?

How Does Wifi Work?

Today we should first know how Wifi works before the post is more detailed in the post. Because if you get a clear idea of ​​this topic, the posts will be easier to understand. WiFi basically uses radio waves to connect each device to the Internet. However, the good radio waves that say at the beginning do not become a direct radio wave. It becomes a special type of light. The dynamic signal of this light is received in a special way. Then the speed of the light is reached to the doorstep of many customers through the optical fiber.

Then this signal is turned into a radio wave, which we call convert. The matter is more simply to say, the speed of light is processed to turn the radio wave. The process of turning this light into a radio wave is essentially completed using two elements. The two element is:

  1. WiFi router
  2. WiFi adapter
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The light rope sent by the optical fiber is received by the WiFi router. Then this WiFi router converts the light of the optical fiber to the radio wave. The WiFi adapter, on the other hand, receives the radio wave and then converts the radio wave into a data. Later we can use the data to run the Internet. So hopefully you have got a great idea about WiFi routers and WiFi adapters. WiFi Hack Possible Or Not?

How To WiFi Modules Work?

Wifi modules; WiFi Hack Possible Or Not

We have got a little idea about this a little earlier. This time we will try to discuss a little more about this topic. A little while ago we talked about WiFi routers and adapters. WiFi routers are an important Ethernet cable for internet connection that later changes as mobile data and connects us to the Internet. We all know that the router receives data from the Internet, as well as produces a radio wave on 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency. The next router begins to distort those radio waves. Because of this, we can go too far from the router and remain connected to the Internet.

WiFi adapter receives the radio waves. Then the adapter converts those radio waves into data. This data is basically using our mobile phone. With the use of these data, we can always be connected to the Internet. In most cases the adapter is set up by the default of the mobile. However, it is often seen in many computers. Many computers or laptops have to be customized adapters for work. When your device can access the Internet, you can do all the Internet, including browsing, sending emails, watching videos etc.

WiFi Facility

Free wifi; WiFi Hack Possible Or Not

All of us who regularly use WiFi they know how much the benefits of using WiFi. The WiFi service acts as a final game of data service at present time. Because at the present time we all know the price of the WiFi service in a monthly package and exactly the difference between the price of the mobile data service in multiple package. At present, mobile data services are provided by mobile operators MB Students or ordinary users. Considering the price in the package of every month, WiFi data service provider will be relatively far ahead. Some of the more important benefits of WiFi:

  1. You can use the Internet without the hassle of its carrying and when happy to use where you are happy in the specific range.
  2. WiFi data speeds will be relatively high than the data service speed provided by mobile operators.
  3. Able to hold internet connection at equal speed anywhere in the specified range.
  4. It is easy to connect to the mobile without WiFi wirelessly.
  5. The WiFi network can actively detect the GHz of certain mobiles. As a result, the WiFi network can understand how much data that mobile will be able to keep your activities active. The data is distributed specific for those specific devices.
  6. There is no limit for the use of data. A user can use WiFi data as much as you want. However, the customer has to renew the service by paying a certain amount of money a month.

WiFi Disadvantages

So far we only know the benefits of WiFi. This time we will know some difficulties in using WiFi. Because if you do not know the difficulties, our essential WiFi will bring about a lot of difficulty for us. Because of this, the future will face various problems. I think very few people know the details of WiFi difficulties. So I will highlight some of the common disadvantages of WiFi in today’s post for your benefit. Some common disadvantages of WiFi:

  1. The WiFi network covers within a certain boundary. If you go out of this specific boundary, you will no longer be able to use that WiFi service.
  2. Many important personal data can be stolen if you have a victim of hacking WiFi network that you used.
  3. The WiFi network may interfere by other electronic effective devices. This can reveal your privacy.
  4. The wave rope that radiated from the WiFi router can cause your various types of screens. However, this information is not yet proven.
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Why Is It Absolutely Difficult To Break The WiFi Complex Algorithm?

This time we will discuss the main topic of our post. In this episode we will discuss the complex algorithm of WiFi. It is not possible to break the WIFI complex algorithm. Also from today’s episode you will know that WiFi modules encrypt some of their users security. Besides, how many complicated algorithms use of WiFi? You would be surprised to know that Wi-Fi works using many complex algorithms. It is absolutely difficult for an ordinary user to break these algorithms. Some of these are important algorithms.

1. Multiple Access Control (MAC)

This multiple access control feature of WIFI controls many devices simultaneously. At the same time, it determines how much data a device can send at any time. It also works to protect users’ privacy. This system encrypts the data that may damage the users. It is absolutely difficult to decryption these encrypts ​​Data. This system is commonly known to most users as Mac Address. MAC contains various algorithms in which the notable algorithm is:

  1. CSMA/C
  2. TDMA
  3. Ofdma

2. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)

Wifi machine; WiFi Hack Possible Or Not

It works using 79 and 22 MHz channels in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. It works well to protect users’ privacy. Because it prevents hackers’ data theft. As a result, hackers cannot easily access data to ordinary users. FHSS provides a specific channel for specific devices at a certain time. Which is later able to change itself as needed. WiFi Hack Possible Or Not?

3. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)

Wifi light speed; WiFi Hack Possible Or Not

It basically works using 11 and 22 MHz channels in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. However, another interesting thing here is that it exchanges data using the ‘pseudo-random’ code when exchanging data. It makes it absolutely impossible to truck that particular data. And even though the truck is absolutely impossible to break the encrypt data. DSSS can exchange multiple data on the same channel at the same time. As a result, it is absolutely difficult to capture certain data.

4. OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)

Country wifi range; WiFi Hack Possible Or Not

This OFDM processes are mainly used in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. It is capable of carrying multiple at the same time. In the meantime, we all know that frequency are mainly completed by channel management work, including data exchange. However, this OFDM uses multiple sub carinas to carry data on a specific device. It is capable of sending multiple data on multiple devices at the same time. This data exchange system is completed using a high quality frequency. As a result, it is absolutely difficult to interfere with any data from an external person. The OFDM originally acts as a high security protocol.

5. WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2)

Wifi security wpa2; WiFi Hack Possible Or Not

WPA2 This name may be known to all of us. Because those of you are the ownership of one WiFi channel. Then we see the WPA2 password system in its security section. This is basically a strong access protocol of WiFi. It encrypts data using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). It is quite difficult to steal information from the data by decrypting this encrypted data. If this is the case a little more simply. So it is never possible for ordinary people to get information from this encrypted data.

When you secure a password for your security in your WiFi, this password is encrypted to be WPA2 Automatically. The special reason is that no one can easily access the main channel database. Because if anyone can overcome this WPA2 security, then he will be able to look at all the information you want, such as browser history, browser downloading with browser or videos, various messages shared on social media, and more important privies, including talking to contacts. May go So WPA2 security is made in a way that is never possible to break.

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So let’s give a little more idea about WiFi security issues. Here we will try to give you an idea of how to secure your own WiFi when you have your own WiFi. Why do you need to secure your personal WiFi? I hope you don’t ask any such question. Because if today’s post has read very well from the beginning, I hope that your WiFi security needs to be much more complicated. So let’s know how to increase WiFi security?

How To Increase WiFi Security?

Thinking wifi security; WiFi Hack Possible Or Not

  1. Encryption: WiFi High Security must use WPA2 password when using passwords for high security. The password is encrypted in a much more complicated condition. This is extremely secure a password encryption method. The WPA2 AES encryption system will take many years even if the computer wants to be broken by the computer. So you should use the strong encryption system of WPA2 AES to make your own personal data extremely secure
  2. Authorization: We all want to keep our personal things very confidential in terms of authenticity in terms of authentication. Authorization is so effective that at present, a very reliant system is authentication or two-step verification. This authentication system can be used in any case. Especially the institutions that provide a lot of high security in their own activities are mainly used in the authentication system.

If you use this Authorization system of the password, a person will not be able to login to your account after knowing your password. Because when the person clicks on login properly with all your information, names, passwords, etc., a Verification Code will appear separately to the mobile number or Gmail account that you had to add to the Gmail account. You will not be able to enter your own account until that code is entered. two-step verification Authorization is a high security system.

  1. MAC Filtering: Mac filtering is governed by a special system. The MAC filtering is mainly on the WiFi system. So in today’s post we can discuss MAC filtering with WiFi. If your WiFi password knows a lot more people, everyone can connect your WiFi. It will reduce the network speed due to a lot of user activity.

MAC filtering is not compared to getting rid of such problems and maintaining a good relationship with everyone. You will not be able to use your WiFi even if you know the password you want in the WiFi that is launched in the WiFi system. Even after giving the correct password, your WiFi will not be connected to its device. As a result, you will easily get rid of the hassle that you have more users and WiFi speeds. WiFi Hack Possible Or Not?

  1. Regular Update: Many of you may not know WiFi regularly updates their owned system. Because the WiFi system is kept very safe because of regular updates. The hacker cycle takes very little time to take control of your WiFi with an attack. As a result, your WiFi channel is at risk-free. All your confidential data is very secure. So you should keep your WiFi channel updated regularly.

Last Talk

In today’s post we detail the WiFi Hack Possible Or Not || Details Wifi Strong Algorithm. Many people will watch many apps or videos on YouTube or Play Store, often mention that finding a WiFi password very easily. Now you are experiencing a lot of complicated thinking by watching the video or app. You waste your valuable time behind this. Many people think again is it possible to break the complex algorithm of WiFi? Also many people think again how is the WiFi works?

I hope you read this post today and you know a lot about WiFi. And hopefully it also realizes that WiFi password is not easy to hack. Why not easily hack a WiFi password! Hopefully you got the answer to many complex questions you remember today. Also if you have any questions about today’s post, please comment. insha allah will try to help by providing as much as I can.

So friends, this was our today’s post, WiFi Hack Possible Or Not || Details Wifi Strong Algorithm. Hope this post will help you. As of today, I am leaving here, see you in the next post about a new topic. Until then, everyone will be well, healthy and stay with TrickNew.

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