5 Best Keyword Research Tools

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Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to another new post on TrickNew. I’m swapon with you, I hope you are all well. Friends, keyword research is very important for ranking process. Keyword research is a successful process of marketing or website ranking that helps to bring all websites or videos, audio, images, posts to the search engine first page. Keywords are words that people use to search information online or on the Internet. And keyword research is a process or means of finding those words that people search more. Through keyword research, you like users, what do they want? You will get an idea about how to bring updates that will increase your marketing process. 5 Best Keyword Research Tools.

Before doing keyword research, you first need to set your goals. Then you have to do keyword research on all that topics. If you want to work with ‘Book’ then you have to do keyword research on all these words ‘Popular Book’, ‘Historical Book’ etc. If you can do keyword research regularly, your website will come to the first page of the search engine very quickly. Google algorithm will be able to understand exactly what your writing is about and what the visitor wants. Which your website will reach the target audience quickly. Because of which the number of visitors to your website or video will gradually increase. More visitors mean guaranteed success.

After reading so much, we may have understood a little word what is keyword research? I will try to give a little more clear idea to those who haven’t understood yet. Suppose you want to open a Facebook account. But you do not know how to open a Facebook account. So before opening a Facebook account, you must know how to open a Facebook account. You can search on YouTube or Google to find out. ‘How to open a Facebook account?’ This is the keyword that you search for by typing ‘How to open a Facebook account?’ I hope you understand very well. So let’s know how to can easily do keyword research for your website or video. Best 5 Keyword Research Tools.

1. Google Keyword Planer

5 Best Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular online keyword research tools that helps marketers do keyword research. This is a free keyword research tool that all Google users can use for free. Google Keyword Planner Keyword Research CPC rate is managed by Google Ads.

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Google Keyword Planner was first released in 2013. Its main purpose is to make marketing work easier for marketers. With Google Keyword Planner, a marketer can easily get an idea about the current needs of the market, ranking products, people’s needs. Which makes their marketing work more easy and profitable.

Google Keyword Planner Features:

  1. Keyword Idea: Google Keyword Planner important feature is Google Keyword Idea. With this option, you can get the complete possible keyword idea by typing only one word on a specific topic. Which to increase the rank of your content.
  2. Monthly Search Volume: With the monthly search volume feature, Google can get a very good idea about what is being searched a lot every month or the user is more demanding for a product that month. At the same time, you can know the Marsic search volume about that. Because of this, you can make your marketing process much better.
  3. Purulation Information: Google Keyword Planner will get its own purulence information of high-reach keywords searched by the Purulation Information feature. Purulation information may be necessary to show your search results, target ads to target audiences.
  4. CPC Rate Show: If you do keyword research by Google Keyword Planner, your income can be much higher than before. The CPC of a keyword is specified by the number of how much money you can get if you click. As a result, you can easily increase your income comparatively.

Google Keyword Planer

Official Website @ Google Keyword Planer

2. Keyword Surfer

5 Best Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Surfer is a popular browser extension. By this you can do keyword research and SEO analysis on Google search page. It is mainly used as a necessary tool to increase online marketing, website ranking. The Keyword Surfer tool was published online on 2019. Its primary purpose is to provide related keywords and data as well as showing any website on the first page of the Google search page. 5 Best Keyword Research Tools.

Keyword Surfer Features:

  1. Search Volume: If you use keywords from Keyword Surfer, you can rank your website or any content very easily. You can also know the CPC rate of keywords shown in search results. Which will increase your income.
  2. Keyword Suggestion: When you search for something you need on Google, only those things show up, right? This is basically done by keyword suggestion algorithms. Keyword Surfer Ranking Related Keyword Suggestions that can be used to easily show your content on Google’s first search page.
  3. Keyword Data Table: Keyword Surfer When you want to get an idea about a keyword, Keyword Surfer will provide you with many different keywords in the same way in the form of a table.
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Keyword Surfer

Official Website @ Keyword Surfer

3. Google Trends

5 Best Keyword Research Tools

Google Trends is a web tool created by Google that allows you to see Google’s trending search data. These Google Trends are very popular for keyword research. Every month, every week or at a specific time according to your needs, you can get a clear idea about trending video, audio, text or viral topic. From that idea, if you create your own article on that topic, it increases the chance of going viral in many parts. So Google Trends is a popular keyword research tool at the present time.

The first version of Google Trends was successfully released in 2006. Its main purpose is to help users for keyword research. So that they can get an idea of the current trending topics and keep their marketing process running well. Google Trends provides the opportunity to research on all topics and all keywords. Top Best Keyword Research Tools.

Google Trends Features:

  1. Trend Graph: The main feature of Google Trends is the trend graph. It shows users the search trends of keywords and provides keyword research data based on time. Users can do keyword research by changing all the things including search trends, types, locations, categories etc.
  2. Search Item Explorer: Through Google Trends, users can expand details on all Google topics, including keywords, organizations, browsers, in various search items. You can use it for free. By doing this, you can increase your success very easily.
  3. Trending Topics: With Google Trends, users can easily see what are the most popular or trending topics at the present time? Google Trends provides the right trending keywords as a result at that time. As a result, you can conduct marketing activities based on trending.

Google Trends

Official Website @ Google Trends

4. Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords is an online keyword research tool. This tool helps users to search for the right keywords. From here a user can easily get the right keyword idea. Seed Keywords basically helps to find high volume keywords using Google keyword research algorithm. The first version of Seed Keywords was successfully published online in 2014. Its purpose is to help users with keyword ideas. So that each of their users can comfortably market video, text content and bring it to the first page from Google search.

Seed Keywords Features:

  1. Keyword Generator: With Seed Keywords, users can take different keyword ideas as there wish. It is able to give a clear idea about online search questions, videos, text, such as ‘What is the best product for sales?’ Users can share their researched keywords in the form of a list. By which other users can also take ideas.
  2. Keyword Map: Seed Keywords allows users to create their own keyword map. With Keyword Map, users can get ideas about all things including keyword ideas, keyword position, CPC rate. Through which it will be possible to do keyword research very easily.
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Seed Keywords

Official Website @ Seed Keywords

5. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a popular online keyword research tool. By using this Keyword Tool any user can easily do keyword research of his choice. Using Keyword Tool, a user can easily bring target audience to their own blog site or video. Keyword tool is a very effective tool to bring high quality visitors to the website or video. By doing keyword research from here, you can use it on all platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, websites, and all popular social media platforms.

The keyword tool was first published in 2014. Its purpose is to help users do keyword research so that they can easily select keywords in combination with technology and bring their website or YouTube content to the first page of Google for marketing. Best Keyword Research Tools.

Keyword Tool Features:

  1. Keyword Research: Using the Keyword Tool, all users can definitely research the keywords they need. Here every user can find the necessary keywords according to their needs, starting from big questions and searching with small words, which can make their marketing process very easy.
  2. Long Tail Keyword: One of the popular features of Keyword Tool is to help search for long tail keywords. You can select keywords by typing the full title on your topic. You can enjoy all the features like CPC rate of your title or word, click volume like other popular keyword research tools.

Keyword Tool

Official Website @ Keyword Tool

Final Words

Friends, you can use the best keyword research tools discussed in today’s post for keyword research work of each of your content. Today’s discussed post you cannot use all the features of the keyword research tools for free. However, with all the features that you can use for free, you can easily complete all the tasks of keyword research. If you publish any content by keyword research, it will easily come to the first page of Google search. Because of which the target audience will get more. The amount of income will increase. Today’s topics discussed If you have any opinion on the topic, please comment. If it is important to construct, I will definitely add it to my post.

So friends, this was our today’s post, top 5 keyword research tools! Hope this post will help you. As of today, I am leaving here, see you in the next post about a new topic. Until then, everyone will be well, healthy and stay with TrickNew.

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