How To Block Or Unblock Someone On Facebook

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Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to a new post of TrickNew. I’m swapon with you, hope everyone is well. Friends now a day the best and most popular online messageing or social media website of the present is Facebook, we make many unknown people as a friend. I get acquainted with them and chat with them. We follow them to watch the various videos they have been uploaded. How To Block Or Unblock Someone On Facebook 2023.

Friends, we are many of us do not like to have a lot of friends in our Facebook account. Again, many people are known or unknown to the friend list. Then it is often seen that they are annoyed in the inbox or we do not know them, but repeatedly adding to different Facebook chatting groups and annoying with us. It is often seen that the inbox is disturbing us with a lot of nasty words or pictures.Block Or Unblock Someone On FacebookMany times it is seen that due to trouble in a very good relationship between a boy and girl, they mistakenly give direct block in place of message block. Which is why there is trouble when unblocking later. There are many people who do not know how to block others on Facebook. Friends, today I will clear this issue with you. Today I will show you how to block others on Facebook and unblock the block. So friends, let’s start our today’s post without talking anymore – How To Block Or Unblock Your Facebook Friends.

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How To Block Someone On Facebook?

So block any friend on Facebook, we will first install the Messenger App from the Play Store. Then we’ll log in to our Facebook account. Now enter the inbox of the Facebook account you want to block this. Then click the (i) button at the top of the Right side.Now scrawl and come to the down. And click on the Block text.After clicking on the block Text, you will get 2 options. Please understand this, the option 2 issue very carefully here.

  1. Block Messages And Calls.
  2. Block On Facebook.

Guys, let me clear you up a bit about these 2 option. Otherwise, you will miss with these 2 options. As a result, you will be in danger. Over here- 

  1. Block Message And Call: If you click on this option 1 and give a block with the intention of blocking your friend, then your friend will not be completely blocked. Your friend can’t just text or call you. However, he can come to your timeline, see your posts or videos, also like, comment on your posts.
  2. Block On Facebook: This is basically facebook’s main block option. If you want the person you give the block to be your activity, post, message, call, like, comment or you so that he can no longer visit on your facebook account, then you have to choose this block On facebook option. If you block someone from the Block On Facebook option, they will no longer be able to visit on your Facebook profile.

Block Or Unblock Someone On FacebookFriends, if you want to block someone for some time or for a short time, then give him a block from the block message and call option. And if you block someone on Facebook, they will never be able to visit your Facebook account again. Then you can unblock anytime as you wish. 

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Now click on the option you want to give him a block. Then click on the block option. Well, that desired Facebook friend of yours will be blocked from your Facebook account.

How To Unblock Friends On Facebook?

Friends, you blocked someone from Facebook because of anger. Then when your anger subsides or the misunderstanding between you is over, how to unblock your blocked friend on facebook? That’s a concern now, isn’t it? Friends, there is no reason to worry, now I will show you how to unblock a blocked friend on Facebook.

To unblock your Facebook blocked friend, you first have to click on the three-dot menu bar at the top of the left corner of your Messenger app. Now you will click on the Setting option on the right corner. Then scroll down a bit and click on the Privacy Safety option. Block Or Unblock Someone On FacebookNow click on the blocked accounts option. Then you can see a list of your blocked friends.From here, find the account you want to unblock and click on the account. Now you can see an option called Unblock in FaceBook. You’ll click on that option. Block Or Unblock Someone On FacebookThen click on the Unblock option, your Facebook friend will be unblocked from your facebook account. Then he will be able to do all kinds of work including messages, calls, likes, comments for you again.Block Or Unblock Someone On Facebook

So friends, this was our today post, How To Block Or Unblock Someone On Facebook? I hope this post is helpful for you. Today, I’m leaving here, we’ll see if there’s a new topic in the next post. Until then, everyone will be fine and stay with TrickNew.

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