The 5 Best Android Anti-Theft Apps To Protect Your Phone!

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Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to a new post of TrickNew Website. I’m swapon with you, hope everyone is very much better. Welcome to everyone in a new post with the Best Android Anti-Theft Apps post. Mobile phones, about 99.99% of people in the world use mobile phones at present. These mobile phones are filled with personal documents. Because of this, mobile phones have become an important part of life. What would you like, if you lost this important mobile device? Of course there will be a lot of thoughts and upset. You will be surprised to know that mobile phones are stolen in almost all countries of the world including Bangladesh. What is anti-theft in Android?

Mobile theft is a normal event in a country like Bangladesh. The matter is sad, but that is true. Although we never want our mobile to be stolen. But if you take some steps to get the stolen mobile refund, it will be very easy to find after your mobile theft. Today I will talk about five anti-theft apps that you must install on your phone. Hey! Anti-Theft software is installed on your phone if your important phone is stolen, you can find it very easily for those best anti theft app. So let’s start with no more talk, our post is the best 5 anti-theft apps that you must use! Some of the free anti theft app for Android!

1. Hammer Security

Hammer Securit Android Anti-Theft Apps

You will find these apps for free at the google Play Store. How to activate anti theft on Android. After Installing the apps and entering the apps you will seek some permits. To use the sotware properly, the permits have to be given. This time we come to the main feature. The first feature to see in the sotware is the anti-theft feature. Clicking on the option will first ask for some more permits, then you will ask for a recovery number that the WhatsApp account is open for Anti Theft Mobile Tracker. Best Android Anti-Theft Apps.

When a thief or someone else tries to open with the opposite password of your mobile, the picture and location of the thief or the person will go into the message in the WhatsApp account of the recovery number you provided. Moreover, there is another feature under this option that is Fake Shutdown. When this fake shutdown service is on, when someone goes off your phone, he will be shown that the phone is off but your phone will still be on which the thief cannot even think. As a result, later you will be able to track the live location of your phone very easily. Now a time Hammer Security Best anti theft app.

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Hammer Securit

Official Download @ Hammer Securit

2. Find My Device

Find My Device Android Anti-Theft Apps

Find My device is a well known and credible app. One of the reasons for this belief is that it is a Google software and you will also get it free at the Play Store. Because this is a popular Free anti theft app for Android. Download this app and login with your personal Gmail account, the diameter is done, like the Hammer Security, this app does not have to give so much time or labor behind the configuration. However, there is no shortage of features found in this software. Now when your phone is stolen or lost, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Google official website with any device that you have.
  2. Go there and search ‘Find My Device’ and search.
    (Download the Find My Device app from the Play Store and Open)
  3. Then log in with your Personal Gmail account with which your phone was signed in to the Find My Device app.
  4. Then you will see the location of your lost mobile on the screen.

Now it may be that the location of your phone is showing a noise or a full-fledged area, how do you know where or who is your mobile? If you have this problem, follow the steps with this Anti Theft Mobile Tracker. Best Android Anti-Theft Apps.

In addition to showing your phone location in Find My Device app, there is another option that is the ‘Ring’ option. Now select the ‘Ring’ option. Now your mobile is silent, but it will play the ring with the full volume. And until you find the phone and press its power button, the phone will continue to ring. This time, follow the sound and find the phone. In this way you can also find your lost tab. This is a popular & Best anti theft app.

Find My Device

Official Download @ Find My Device

3. Google Map

Google Map Android Anti-Theft Apps

For those who do not want to install the extra app phone due to storage problems, the Google Map app may be a Massive Backup option. Google maps are pre-installed on all smartphones in all smartphones on all new or old mobiles. In that case, there is no need to download this app separately, even if anyone uninstalls this app, there is no problem because this app is also available in the Play Store for free. As a result, you can install from the Play Store to easily recover. This is a Free anti theft app for Android.

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Now, where is the real, pressing on the Blue Indication Circle Mark for your current location show on Google Map, some options float on the screen. We know more and more. But the original twist here, clicking on the ‘Share My Location’ option showing the screen on the screen, two types of options will show some options for sharing the location for a specified time, the option to share the location until you stop. There will be some text ‘Anti Turn Off’. Best Android Anti-Theft Apps.

Selecting this option in your secondary mail or in any of your family members or a close friend’s mail to a close friend’s mail when your phone is lost or stolen, the mail you sent in the mail where the location is logged in your phone is logged on your phone. Last Active location will show. However, some of the problems are that your phone will be able to see the live location of the device as long as the power is on. If the power off the lost device tracker is off, you can no longer see the live location. This is an Anti Theft Mobile Tracker.

Google Map

Official Download @ Google Map

4. Volume Key Power Off

Volume Key Power Off Securit Android Anti-Theft Apps

Although this app is not available in the Play Store, Such as many apps are available in the Play Store, the work goes around similar. Basically when we turn off the phone, we just press the power button but if this app is installed, only if the power button is pressed, the phone will not be off but pressing the volume up button with the power button will make the power-off option show, if this app is installed. Thieves will not be able to turn off your mobile even after hundreds of attempts. How to activate this anti theft on Android?

Since the app is not publishing in the Play Store, I could not share the install link of the app with you. You can download and install this app from any third party website if you want. The app works well to find a lost phone. Because if the thief is not too experienced, he will not understand how to turn off this phone. And if he can’t turn off your phone, you can easily find the live location of your phone. also this is the best Anti Theft Mobile Tracker. Best Android Anti-Theft Apps.

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Volume Key Power Off

Official Download @ Volume Key Power Off

5. Phone Tracker For Iphone

Phone Tracker For Iphone Android Anti-Theft Apps

There is no need to say anything new about the iPhone, the iOS security system. Many steps can be taken to find the stolen iPhone, and with the help of the security system of the iPhone, the iPhone can also be blocked forever, but there is little app like it to track the iPhone at home. Installing this app on someone’s phone and you can easily find the location of your stolen iPhone with all the necessary information. Moreover, this software opens the location of an iPhone using GPS (GPS) so it can work well. Best anti theft app for iphone in 2024.

This can only use iPhone users. Android users cannot use this app. Since I discussed many Android apps in today’s post, I thought why iPhone users would be deprived of the today’s post. So I shared a wonderful app for the iphone user. Hope you can easily find your lost iPhone by this app. Nowadays this ‘Phone Tracker For Iphone’ is the best Anti Theft iphone Mobile Tracker app.

Phone Tracker For Iphone

Officials Download ISO Store @ Phone Tracker For Iphone

Last Talk

The Internet is needed to use the above 1 to 3 Anti-Theft Apps. So keeping the Internet on the outside, there is a lot of opportunity to survive the danger. Moreover, the location will also have to be turned on. Many people may have the question that the theft will steal the phone and give it a format or factory reset. In fact, stealing the phone does not reset the thief immediately, but he keeps the mobile switch off and then understands the time and reset it.

In this case, if the hammer security app is the best anti theft app for Android 2024, the thief switch off your phone but the mobile is not switching off, you can easily find your phone using other apps. Also if you have any comments on today’s post, you must comment. If your comment is constructive, I must add it to my Best anti theft app post. Best Android Anti-Theft Apps.

So guys, this was our post today, The 5 Best Android Anti-Theft Apps to Protect Your Phone! Hope the post will be a little helpful for you. Like today, I am leaving here, you will see something new in the next post. Until then everyone will be well healthy and stay with Tricknew.

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