5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

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Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to a new post on the TrickNew website. I’m Swapon with you, hope everyone is very much better. Welcome to a new post with 5 simple ways to protect your online privacy. Are you worried about your online privacy? Do you always doubt that any of your secret information on your phone goes into someone else’s hands? And do you want to remove these thoughts? So today’s article is for you. In today’s article, I will share with you 5 tips that if you use the Internet, 100% hope that your privacy is saved from someone else’s hands.

You are alive from being leaked to your privacy. So before starting this article, I would like to inform you that in this whole article today I have taken 5 ways to protect privacy online from my personal experience. I also adhere to these 5 tips in the use of my real internet, so far I know that I have not leaked any privacy online. So hopefully these tips will also help you protect your online privacy. So let’s say a lot of things to leave, let’s go to Men Topi and let’s find out what 5 ways to protect that online privacy.

1. Regularly Use Strong Passwords On Your Accounts

Secure password; 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

The first mistake of losing privacy online is the passwords used in our accounts. Most of us people keep our online accounts very easy in our remembrance. However, simple passwords are the benefit of us to remember, it is not just a big advantage for hackers. The hackers first target this simple password to hack one’s account. A hacker has some komon passwords to hack an account that we all use eg:

  1. Our name,
  2. Our mobile number,
  3. Use Number from 1 to 10,
  4. A particular type of letter such as I love you is repeatedly logged in to give us our account with this kind of password.

Most of us who use this kind of password to commemorate this type of password, their accounts are easily found in hackers. So of course to protect your privacy online. Now the point is that Strong Persword! 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy!

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What Is Strong Password?

Thinking what is strong password; 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

Strong password is the kind of password that is a little bigger and a password in the Hijibi type that no one can imagine. Use at least 12 characters password to use Strong Password. And use the password in the password combined with uppercase and lowercase letters and occasionally using the number and symbol mark. Examples of a Strong Password in your understanding are: DKJD38 $-$*38djhdej

2. Turn On Two Factor Authorization

Turn on two steep verification; 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

If possible, turn on the 2 Factor Authorization. Let’s first know what is this two -factor authentication? The to -Factor Authorization is a security system that a hacker is used to prevent it if he knows your password. Basically if you or anyone else login to your password with your password then an OTP code is sent to the next step in the next step that can be given to the account, and it is not possible to login to that account even after knowing the password. Now the question is, how can a two -factor authentication protect us hackers and get that OTP?

Basically there are some twists here. A number is set there at the time of launching the Factor Authority and after giving the correct password according to the rules, a code goes to that number and that code can be logged in to that account, and if the code is correct, then the password cannot be logged in to the account. The And the funny thing is that after giving the correct password every time, the set number comes in different codes each and each code works for only 2 minutes. Now if the hacker gets your password somehow then he will be asked to send the number from that password to your account.

Of course the number you set to the two factor authentication in your account must be the number you used. And the hacker has your account password, but you will not have access to your number as the number is there. And then he knows your password and login to your account, but the code going to your number will not come and so he will not be able to get your account access if he does not give that code. So hopefully now understand what this two steps/factor verification/authentication really.

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So, of course, to protect your privacy online, turn your account from the hack to keep the two factor authentication on your account. Yes it is true that every account may not have this option. So keep this option on the accounts you need to use in the accounts you use. We have this option in both the accounts we need, such as Google and Facebook, so keep this option on this 2 account right now. 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy!

3. Use A Good Quality VPN For Public Network

Use vpn for public network; 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

When you go to use a WiFi in a public place outside the house, use a good quality VPN. Now you may wonder what really needs to use VPN? Basically, you may not know that when you use a WiFi in the public place, if you want a mischievous cycle, he can see your internet access, that is, he can see what you are doing what you are sending. If a WiFi owner, who has access to WiFi, who is using WiFi, who is using the Internet, can see what website is visiting.

Using WiFi in a public place means you do not know exactly how the owner of that WiFi is actually or who has access to WiFi. So of course your internet usage is at risk and your privacy is at risk of leakage. So of course, when using WiFi in the public place, use a good quality VPN. 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy!

VPN basically acts as a third person in the middle of our Internet use and WiFi contact. That is, the message you sent will send this VPN to the person you want to send that message so that no one else gets it in any way. The WiFi X who has the same and then the message does not get the data. So if you use WiFi in a public place, use VPN and use a quality VPN. A good quality VPN to suggest to me is –

  • Turbo vpn (for Android)
  • Gamers Vpn (For Android)
  • Ultimate Vpn (For Android)
  • Tomato VPN (For Android)
  • Super VPN (For Android)

4. Keep Updated On Your Phone And Software

Way to update apps; 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

Keep up-to-date updates at your phone and phone software at all times. Technology is improving day by day and people are doing just as bad as people are using. The hackers are constantly creating a variety of traps for theft of you and my personal data. Hackers are basically creating new malware regularly to steal our confidential data. And their purpose is to put this malware on our phone somehow. And since these malware is new and updated, the old system software on our phone cannot fight them or cannot detect these malware.

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So we need to always update our phone software and phone. To save us from hackers, our phone companies and software companies are regularly creating updates for our phones so that they can detect new malware and fight them. So of course update your phone and phone software regularly. 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy!

5. Share Something Thoughtfully

Before sharing something online, please share if it is ok to share it. Do not hurry up and share anything online. Sharing something thoughtfully, I have explained that before sharing a personal information online, think about it once it is right to share what you are sharing and where you are sharing. That is, do not share your personal information on any stranger such as your national identity card, birth registration card.

Because the purpose of such a site is the only one they will sell your information and make money. If many people share pictures of their national identity card on Facebook, you will not do this. Because anyone can download it and use it somewhere in their own convenience. 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy! Just like this, before sharing something online, share it thoughtfully. 

Last Talk

The 5 tips for sharing above are very effective in protecting online privacy, but not only these but also many more that you should think online and your confidential information can be leaked. 5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy! Do not click on a link given in an unknown person, do not click on anyone’s alluring offers, any kind of cracking software, such as a game and you have downloaded the game from somewhere else from which all levels are unlocked or all the levels. Do not download the benefits or download this kind of software on your phone. By following these tips, it is hoped that you have survived your privacy online.

So guys, this was our post today, 5 easy ways to protect your online privacy! Hope the post will be a little helpful to you. Like today, I am leaving here, you will see something new in the next post. Until then everyone will be well healthy and stay with TrickNew.

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