Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides)

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Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to another new post on TrickNew Website. I’m swapon with you, hope everyone is very much better. Welcome to all of the Internet? Another post about the benefits of using the Internet. Friends, the Internet is currently making our daily life work much easier. Even the Internet is constantly making it easier. The huge net of the Internet network, which is connected to the computer network all over the world. The use of which has a lot of progress in digital technology and prism around the world. Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides).

The importance of the Internet is immense behind the advanced world. Currently the whole world is slowly digitized for this Internet. But without the Internet, I could not move in a moment. Today, the world has become like a family today because of the outstanding contribution of the Internet. But do you know what is the Internet? Do you know who the Internet has come to us? So let’s find out the detailed information about the Internet. Before that, let’s find out what you can know and learn by reading today’s full post?

  1. What is Internet?
  2. What does the Internet mean?
  3. What is the Internet?
  4. What are the types and what are the Internet?
  5. Inventor of the Internet!
  6. Who is the father of the Internet?
  7. 5 uses the Internet!
  8. What do the Internet use?
  9. The benefits of using the Internet!
  10. Difficulty in the Internet!
  11. 5 benefits of the Internet!
  12. The Internet is the 5 disadvantages!
  13. Use of the Internet!

What is the Internet?

internet and technology; Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides)

The Internet is an English word with a combination of two words. The word Internet originated from Ethernet. Do you know inter meaning is inside. And the net means fake. Inter + net these two words mean ‘orientjal’. Which refers to a simple method of communication through connected network waves. Above all, the Internet is a short form of an interconnected network. It is formed by connecting computer networks to each other through a special gateway or router. Many people call the Internet the net. Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides).

In other words, the method of exchanging information by freeing many computers with it is called the Internet. But you remember the Internet itself is not a single network. Separate computers and local area network telephone lines or radio waves or high speed cables are connected to the Internet. So we can simply say, many computers are to free the Internet on a network. Guide to the Internet, Which is also called Internet Walking.

What Does The Internet Mean?

Internet cable; Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides)

Do you know what the Internet is full? There are many here they may not know! So let’s know what the Internet is full? The full form of the Internet is the Interconnected Network. The word interconnected comes from the interconnected and the word NET comes from Network. The Internet means interview network. In Bengal the Internet is also called underworld. Because the whole world is connected to each other or with billions of computers like a network net.

What Is The Internet?

Www internet; Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides)

The Internet is the method of exchanging information by connecting billions of computers or smart devices to the top. The Internet is a modern telecommunication network or medium. It connects all other devices, including computer mobiles to the Wald Wide Web (WWW), using the optical fiber, telephone line wire, wireless wireless connection. The Internet is often called net. Guide to the Internet, The network that all the computers in the world are connected to each other, the network is the Internet.

Whenever we are connected to our mobile or computer network, we are connected to a huge information on the Internet network. And it’s called ‘Global Network’. When the international system of the entire IP network is mentioned, the word Internet is considered a positive noun. The Internet and World Wide Web are used without any difference in everyday. However, the Internet and World Wide Web are not the same. These are two completely different things. Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides).

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What Are The Types And What Are The Internet?

Type of internet; Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides)

The modern Internet is the first of six types. Did you know that connecting six types of technology systems on the Internet. Maybe don’t know. Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides). But don’t worry. You will find out all in today’s post. We use these six types of internet. These six types of internet are discussed below:

  1. Dial-up internet
  2. DSL Internet
  3. Satellite internet
  4. Cable internet
  5. Wireless internet
  6. Cellular internet

Internet Discovered Day

Dinton G Curf is the father of the Internet. In how many years the Internet was discovered, no single person did the Internet discovered in the concerted efforts of many scientists. The first Internet in the world was introduced in the hands of Arpanate (Advanced Research Agency Network) in the 1960. It was originally an internal and a network between the American defense itself. On 1969 October 29, Arpanate first sent a message from one node to another on the Internet. However, Bob Khan and Vint Cerf created the Internet structure that is still being used.

The main part of the Internet is TCP/IP Protocol they create TCP/IP full of transmission control protocol/internet protocol depending on their internet structure. The University of California at Loss Angles, The University of California at Santa Barbara, Stanford Research Institute and the University of UTAH are able to connect to the university’s four universities. Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides).

In the 1969th, Arpanate was able to connect with many other universities computers and the network expansion gradually increased. A network was formed in the 1986, called CSNET (Computer Science Network), and many university devices were able to transmit data with many university devices. In this way the spread of the Internet gradually increases. The NSFNET network was developed in the 1971. It creates the National Science Foundation. The main task was to connect the data to a separate computer.

The speed of the NSFNET (National Science Foundation) was 56 kbps. One was updated a little in the 5th and its speed increased by 1.5 Mbps. Arpanate was closed in the 5th. Because it became very old, the speed of data transfer is very low. NSFNET is replaced in place of Arpanate. Tim Berners-Lee discovered the World Wide Web (WWW) and HTTP in 1. This made it possible to exchange data online. Guys, you know a lot new. Guide to the Internet, Now know the answers to some small questions. They will be useful to you.

  • Who is the father of the Internet?
  • Answer: Dinton G Carf.
  • What does www mean?
  • Answer: World Wide Web.
  •  Who is the father of www?
  • Answer: Team Bernas Li.
  • Who is the father of e-mail?
  • Answer: Ray Tomlie Son.
  • Who is the father of the Internet search engine?
  • Answer: Alan Metaz.
  • Who is the father of the mobile phone?
  • Answer: Martin Coper.
  • Who is the father of the computer?
  • Answer: Sir Chalres Babe.

Who Is The Father Of The Internet?

Father of internet; Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides)

The Internet has changed the course of our lives, making our lives easier and easier. There is no way to deny the contribution of the Internet in our daily life. But do we know who is this Internet inventor that has made our lives easier? Dinton G Curf, who does not know as the father of the Internet, is not created in this huge network in one day, millions of people have invented the Internet by working day and night. Friends, let’s know now that there are 5 effective use of the Internet.

5 Uses Of Internet

  1. Digital e-commerce: Business online is an important means of the Internet that can easily sell the desired product to any customer.
  2. Simple Communication System: The contribution of the Internet has become much easier. Through the Internet, we can contact from one end of the world to the other in a moment.
  3. Online Based Education: The online based education system has become much easier through the Internet. Now we can take classes at home through the Internet. Again, the demand for all information online is increasing day by day. The main reason for which various publications and bloggers regularly publish all the key information on their site are again benefiting us in Google, YouTube education.
  4. New Information Search: At present we can easily search the search engine and collect a lot of detailed information about an unknown topic. Among them are Google YouTube, Kora, Facebook.
  5. Last Updated News: As a result of the Internet system, in the moment, I can find out at any time at home through various news portals online TV, YouTube, Facebook TV. Again, we can also express our opinion.
  6. How the Internet works: At present, the Internet is used in two ways in the world. The Internet is used through the first satellite.
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We use the Internet through the fiber optics cable that is in the second sea. 90% of the Internet is getting the optical fiber cable in the sea and 10% through the Internet satellite. Almost everyone uses the Internet through optical fiber. It is through this that data is transmitted from one place to another. Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides).

The Internet cable is not connected to your mobile. So the answer to how you use the Internet is the optical fiber connection with the mobile towers in your area. This again converts the signal from optical fiber to Electromagnetic Signal. This is how the network reaches your mobile. You will be able to join the Internet only after reaching the network on your mobile. As a result, you can exchange data from your Internet using mobile network

What We Can Use The Internet In Real Life?
  • We can make friends, chat with friends, rumors the story.
  • We can spend leisure time watching Facebook YouTube.
  • We can shop, order any product online.
  • We can easily find information, collect information and send information.
  • We can send and accept any file documents and pictures in the e-mail.
  • We can do all the office work at home.
  • We can sit at home and have a video conference.
Some Of The Benefits Of Using The Internet!
  1. The Internet is a huge information store. As a result, you can collect any information from the Internet within a moment.
  2. The Internet is always available from day or night. As a result, you can be connected to the Internet at any time.
  3. The fastest and best way of information is to understand. As a result, you can provide any data at a moment.
  4. With the help of the Internet, less work can easily be learned about any information details. It is not possible to collect so much information from any other means other than the Internet.
  5. The Internet has made a lot of work easier. Now we can do a lot of our work through the Internet.
  6. You can get online education from professors and experts at home at home.
  7. You can have online meetings with your colleagues and employees, it will save time and increase productivity.
  8. Through the Internet you can make money by working at home online.
  9. It is possible to collect the necessary information through the Internet by spending very little money and time.
  10. Various types of books containing important rare information from online libraries through the Internet, copy of the original report from online archive can be collected in PDF form and collected as digital books.
  11. In order to collect information on any job, you have a question in your mind, however, when you search the question on the Internet, but direct answers are available.
Some Difficulty In Using The Internet!
  • Impact on Health: Being busy in computers and mobiles all day, its impact on health is showing nowadays.
  • Virus and Malware: Sometimes we visit a website from which some viruses or malware are automatically downloaded. Which can damage our computer mobile, laptop, etc.
  • Reliability: The same website has different information on different topics because the reader or researchers are likely to be confused.
  • Poor information: Nowadays on the Internet, anyone can upload or upload their own misinformation.
  • Hacking Dangers: If your computer is hacked, you can be damaged in many ways, all your data can be and they can be incorrectly used.
  • Being victims of deception: As the Internet has benefited us, it has opened the way to be deceived in many ways.
  • Reduction of research: Readers are also facing problems with the use of various untruth or semi -values ​​from the Internet, thus the quality of the study is reduced.
  • Information of Information: In many cases, books or research parts are available on the Internet. In this case, readers face problems.

5 Benefits Of Using The Internet

Advantage of internet; Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides)

Most of us who use the Internet every day use the Internet to exchange different types of information and data from the Internet. However, you would be surprised to know that the Internet is not limited to information and data exchanges. You can do anything at the present time through the Internet if you want. Today in the post we know a lot of details about the Internet. Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides). This time we will know about the 3 benefits of the Internet. So let’s get started in detail about the 3 benefits of our Internet:

  1. Users’ news, information and entertainment (music, films, television, games) are available early in Axes.
  2. People can go from one of the many online stores to the Internet.
  3. Online shopping can be done online without any human presence for customers by offering 24 hours service and very competitive prices.
  4. Using this Internet, people are able to change their life’s lifestyle and are easily using the Internet to get themselves at a much higher height. Expressing their success in front of the world.
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5 Harmful Aspects Of Using The Internet!

Disadvantage of internet; Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides)

At present, the world is not only used for beneficial work on the Internet. Many bad things are being completed at present using the Internet. In this episode we will find out how bad the Internet has had on our lives. The benefits of the Internet are just as harmful. Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides). Let’s find out what the Internet’s 5 disadvantages.

  1. Loss of health
  2. Laziness
  3. Talent
  4. Increase in obscenity
  5. Crime

5 Uses Of The Internet In Education!

Using internet with education; Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides)

Depending on the current digital internet, I spend a great deal of life through the Internet. Being a digital world, the current topic of study is also within the Internet. Currently there are many students who are using the Internet to continue studying. When you read tuition at home, you would have to pay extra, but at the present time, you can continue your study activities completely using Entertain without paying any extra money. So this time we do not know about the 5 uses of the Internet in education:

  1. Teach
  2. Video class live class
  3. Acquire
  4. To acquire knowledge in the digital manner
  5. Enhance

Internet’s Use

Today’s post we can find and learn a lot about the use of the Internet. I have tried to clearly discuss the use of the Internet from real life to Future Life in various places of the post. Yet I think today’s post is lacking some information. Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides). This time we will discuss a little more about the use of the Internet. Hopefully in this discussion you will get a little more ideas about the use of the Internet:

  1. The Internet is very important in e-lanting or online study.
  2. The Internet is very important for the official work to do at home virtually.
  3. To find the main information of the research, I can use the Internet to find out the results of new research.
  4. I can use the Internet to do e-commerce or online business or expand business.
  5. It is possible to earn foreign currency by earning online through the Internet.
  6. Shopping or medical advice can be taken at home through the Internet.
  7. If you want to learn something new every day, the Internet needs a lot.
  8. Using the Internet, we can come back to see the map from any unknown place.
  9. I can translate and understand all the languages ​​of the world through the Internet.

Last Talk

Friends What is your Internet in today’s post? You have come to know about what the Internet is called. People who are new about the Internet or do not have much knowledge about the Internet read this post today I think they can learn and learn a lot. The Internet is not only imagination, you can do almost all the work from your real -life studies to the job life through proper use on the Internet. You can even make a lot of money from the Internet using the Internet if you want. It is possible to discuss many more details about the Internet. I have presented a very small amount of information from the details of the details.

You enrich your knowledge from the comprehensive repository of the Internet, by learning the right thing. The more you know, the more your knowledge will increase. Currently, Implement this Internet of digital technology in your own life. Then many difficult tasks can be done in a very short time. Besides, if you have any comments on the post today, please comment. If your comments are constructive, I will definitely add it to my post.

So guys, this was our post, Your Guide to the Internet: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Potential Downsides)! Hope the post will be a little helpful to you. Like today, I am leaving here, you will see something new in the next post. Until then everyone will be well healthy and stay with TrickNew

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